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Welcome to the Neely Farm Home Owners Association official website.  Please take the time to register on the site, this will give you access to information about upcoming events, forms and news of interest to you as Neely Farm residents. 
~ Neely Farm Pool Update 9/8/2020 ~
Pool Hours September 8th to October 4th.
Neely Farm pool will be open 7 days a week at SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. There will not be lifeguards on the deck. The pool will be open in the morning by 9am each morning Monday through Saturday and by noon on Sundays. The pool will close daily at 8pm 
Woodmont Swim Team will practice in the pool daily (except Thursdays) from 4:30pm to 6pm. In order to maintain social distancing standards set forth by the state for high school sports, the swim team will have 5 lanes available for use and 1 lane will remain open for residents. If you feel that more space to swim in needed, please kindly speak to one of the coaches on the pool deck.
If there are any issues at the pool such as something breaks, waste materials in the pool, etc, please contact someone from the board and also reach out to Upstate Pool Management at 864-688-1143
POOL RULES:  For the safety of all our residents the disregard of our    safety rules or the lifeguards may result in suspension of pool access, time to be determined based on severity. 
    VIOLATIONS INCLUDE but are not limited to the the following:     
KEYFOB: For use of residents only "Not to be Shared"
GUESTS: are to be signed in and accompanied by keyfob holding residents at all times (limit of 10 guest per season, paid for pool parties do not count towards guests per season)
SAFETY RULES: Follow all posted rules below
HAZARDS: actions that pose a potential hazard to public welfare are prohibited
Common Pool Rules
Residents must have a key fob to get in.
No glass on the pool deck.
No smoking or vaping on the pool deck.
No balls in the pool other than skim and squish balls.
No running on the pool deck.
No diving.
No riding on shoulders
No rough play
No foul language
No excessive PDA. (family friendly pool please)
Guests must be with a resident when using the pool and must be signed in.
Children going into 6th grade and under 16 must have documented that they passed the swim test to swim alone at the pool.
Respect the life guards always. 
Do not distract the guards when they are in the chair. They must be focused on the pool when they are in the chair.
The life guards are not baby sitters, please watch after your children
No unattended children with swim devices allowed without parent in pool
Do not allow children to play with the aerator or jump in and out near it
Return furniture back to its original location
No oversized pool floats

~ Contact us ~
Please use the "Contact Us" section on the left hand side to contact the following groups for the following reasons. Keep in mind the Management Company should be the first contact for most issues, the Board usually has to go to them to get the answer anyhow. You do not have to be logged in or a member to use the "Contact Us" option.
  • Board (questions that management can't answer or issues with management company) 
  • Management Company (All general questions, covenant and legal issues and Clubhouse Rentals, 1st contact for most all issues) 
  • ACC (Tree removal, architectural requests)
  • Webpage updates (mistakes on the website)
  • Social (questions on social events or if you would like to help with social events)
  • Grounds Committee (questions or concerns regarding the grounds, if you would like to help with the committee, if you have a suggestion for an improvement on the grounds) 
  • Welcome Committee (new residents or to help)
  • Tennis Committee (questions or concerns regarding the tennis courts or tennis teams)

~ Upcoming Events ~
Weekly Food Trucks
Monday, October 26th to Sunday, November 1st at Neely Farm Clubhouse

~ Surveys ~
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