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2021 Meeting Minutes
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
2021 Annual HOA Meeting
January 21, 2021
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice-President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Leslie Carrico, Member at Large; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative. Meeting called to order at 6:30pm.
Balance Sheet
Cash $147,319.23  Reserves $191,648.82  Total $338,968.05
Statement of Operations YTD (12/31/20)
Operating Income $390,795.85 Operating Expenses $333,473.14
The 2021 Annual HOA Meeting was held via Zoom this year due to Covid restrictions. A letter was sent from William Douglas to all Neely Farm residents with the offer to attend. 84 residents attended via Zoom. Residents were asked to keep their microphones muted and communicate any questions/concerns via the chatbox moderated by Shannon Tapp and Katie Marcus.
Nominations of Board Members
The 4 board candidates were invited to attend the meeting to present to the residents. Dylan called for nominations from the floor (through the chatbox) No floor nominations. Dylan explained that residents should vote for two (2) candidates on the proxy ballots received this week and return those ballots within 7 days. Ballots are needed to establish a quorum for the meeting. Residents who return ballots will be entered into a drawing to receive half their 2021 dues paid. Two (2) ballots will be drawn. The candidates that presented at the meeting were: Kevin Bilodeau, Cameron Hochrein, and Rebecca Persons. Paul Pool did not attend so his bio was read by Katie Marcus straight from the website.
Committee Reports
Please refer to the power point presentation found in the 2021 Annual Meeting tab on the website for the HOA Committee Slides. The HOA committees include:
Grounds/Trails (Trails portion is new addition to Grounds)
Pool (new for 2021)
Volunteers are always needed to help with such a large community. If you are interested in serving on a committee or helping with specific projects, please reach out to the Board via the website
Volunteer Of The Year Award
This year’s Volunteer of the Year recipient is Robin Proctor. Robin went above and beyond this year helping to maintain a sense or normalcy through Covid. She successfully found new ways to safely keep neighborhood events enjoyable. Thank you, Robin, for your care for and commitment to Neely Farm.
2020 Year in Review
Three new board members (Dylan, Lori, and Katie) were voted in January.
Covid restrictions/shutdowns per Governor/DHEC recommendations implemented in March but lifted (many) in May. Changes had to be made to Pool, Clubhouse, and Social event processes but were successfully done
ReWa project continued through 2020. Grounds committee anticipates the ReWa project to be wrapped up by end of February 2021.
Camera systems around Clubhouse and Tennis courts updated in early 2020.
Key fobs now work for both Pool and Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts finished in early 2020
Lending Libraries provided at the Clubhouse by George Aufmuth and Bob Armbruster
New furniture in Clubhouse and Pool
Plans for 2021
New heat pumps installed at the clubhouse (January 2021)
Clubhouse kitchen updates to include countertops and appliances
A new reserve study was completed January 2021. The Board will analyze this study and compare to 2015 study to forecast future costs
Appoint a board member to serve as a liaison to each committee
Plan for semi-annual Neely Farm Residents Vendor fair
Treasurer’s Report
The 2020 End of Year Financials and the projected 2021 budget in full can be found on the website under 2021 Annual Meeting. The slides in the power point presentation highlights include the Budget Process, Annual Dues, and Oversight. The focus of the 2021 is project specific to ensure money is spent only on what is needed, not necessarily what is wanted. This board feels a fiscally conservative budget is a top priority.
Questions from the “floor”:
1)      Is the clubhouse open?
Yes, the clubhouse opened back for rentals in October 2020.
2) Will interior lots be allowed to build 6 foot fences?
At the moment only houses will pools are allowed to have 6 foot fences due to legal and safety requirements. Any homes that have 6 foot fences most likely had them before the 4 foot standard was put in place so they are grandfathered in.
3)      Any plans to add a basketball court as an amenity?
There is not a plan to add a basketball court for 2021 as the budget has been set; however, this can be considered in the future
4)      Will the playground equipment be updated for 2021?
The budget for 2021 did not include playground equipment upgrades. We will be seeking volunteers in 2021 to form a Playground Committee set to launch in 2022
5)      What is the vetting process for candidates to the board?
All candidates were reviewed by the current board, William Douglas, and our lawyers. Per the Neely Farm by-laws and CCRs, all candidates were eligible to run for the upcoming board
The next board meeting will be held Thursday, February 18th at 6pm. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
February Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2021
Board Members
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein-new board member; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas representative (call in)
Meeting called to order at 5:59pm. January meeting minutes approved. Welcome to new board member Cameron Hochrein and returning member Rebecca Persons. Board office positions discussed. Board voted to keep same positions from last year. Cameron designated as Member-at-Large.
Balance Sheet Cash $259,726.78 Reserves $196,834.50 Total $456,561.28
Statement of Operations (YTD 1/31/21) Income $259,487.82 Expenses $39,919.10
Property Mangers Report
7 January closings
Security reports
43 violations for mailboxes, houses needed pressuring washing, boats/trailers
8 homes unpaid 2021 dues
2020 Budget Correction
It was brought to our attention that the budget loaded for the 2020 budget year did not match the numbers set by the previous board in 2019. The 2020 board has used the numbers loaded by William Douglas since coming onboard in February 2020. The discrepancy in the numbers was not picked up by the former board. William Douglas accounting reviewed and a clerical error was noted. A corrected balance sheet and operating income statement was sent to be loaded onto the website showing planned budget numbers matched. There are no significant burdens noted with this clerical error.
Committee Budgets and Committee Meetings
Each committee will have a board liaison for oversight and communication.
Committees and liaisons divided:
Grounds/Trails (addition)-Rebecca
Pool (new)- Katie and Cameron
Playground- Lori to be formed in 2021
Budgets of each committee will be loaded onto the website (how often not determined) to increase visibility
Lori will send out names/contact information of residents who have offered to volunteer for committees.
Each board member to reach out to their committee for an initial meeting.
Dylan requests to be at each meeting at first meeting of each committee.
Volunteers will establish committee heads and discuss roles of the committee to the community.
Committee Reports
Discussion to add guidelines for garage door/shutter requests.
Discussion to update fence guidelines to allow white, vinyl fence choice
Vote 5-0 yes to ACC guideline additions
Dylan will touch base with David on exact wording to be added
Easter Egg Hunt date: Sunday March 28th.
Recommend social distancing, optional mask wearing for event
Meet and Great event date April 11th
Would like to include all residents who moved into the neighborhood from 2020 since regular events were cancelled due to covid
Off season pool repairs began week of 2/11/21
Repairs include:
Filters replaced
Pump seal
Ventilation fans in pump room
Back wash valve replacement
Broken Fill line- will be planned once pool covered removed (April)
Spring mulch and flowers to be placed in April
Question was asked whether we can get group of volunteers to lay mulch/plant flowers do reduce costs? Or is this something we allow and continue to pay Green Impact to continue?
Quarterly Grounds update: Meeting TBD (after initial committee meeting)
Governor’s Lake passed DHEC inspection. Dam is maintained by NF and Governor’s Lake to keep spillway clean. Rebecca to check what exactly is needed to maintain properly so we can split costs with GL appropriately
Approval to install water meter in common area at Farming Creek and Braywood.
Green Impact to plant and maintain flowers, shrubs, trees.
Need to supply water for at least 2 years to let plantings take.
ReWa to install new gates at soccer field as well as Ivy Creek to block easement pathway. ReWa will also plant two trees to block the area from any vehicle access
Other Business
Enforcement of basketball hoops in streets
While covenants state basketball hoops can not be in the streets, the neighbor hood does not own streets thus we really can not enforce.
Discussion to review covenants to search for antiquated rules that could be brought to neighborhood for amendment/removal.
Bring list of covenants to review for April meeting
Would require 65% of resident approval for covenant change
Clubhouse rental change proposal
Lori proposing new fee structure. New fee structure would have built-in cleaning fee.
New cleaning standard proposed consistent with DHEC guidelines
Question asked to charge clubs who currently able to use clubhouse without fee
Read over proposal to revisit in March
We were unable to discuss Spring Resident Vendor Fair, neighborhood garage sale date, blood drive, Senior Day recognition because we ran out of time. We will move these items to March.
March meeting set for Thursday March 11 at 6pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:59pm