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2021 Meeting Minutes
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
2021 Annual HOA Meeting
January 21, 2021
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice-President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Leslie Carrico, Member at Large; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative. Meeting called to order at 6:30pm.
Balance Sheet
Cash $147,319.23  Reserves $191,648.82  Total $338,968.05
Statement of Operations YTD (12/31/20)
Operating Income $390,795.85 Operating Expenses $333,473.14
The 2021 Annual HOA Meeting was held via Zoom this year due to Covid restrictions. A letter was sent from William Douglas to all Neely Farm residents with the offer to attend. 84 residents attended via Zoom. Residents were asked to keep their microphones muted and communicate any questions/concerns via the chatbox moderated by Shannon Tapp and Katie Marcus.
Nominations of Board Members
The 4 board candidates were invited to attend the meeting to present to the residents. Dylan called for nominations from the floor (through the chatbox) No floor nominations. Dylan explained that residents should vote for two (2) candidates on the proxy ballots received this week and return those ballots within 7 days. Ballots are needed to establish a quorum for the meeting. Residents who return ballots will be entered into a drawing to receive half their 2021 dues paid. Two (2) ballots will be drawn. The candidates that presented at the meeting were: Kevin Bilodeau, Cameron Hochrein, and Rebecca Persons. Paul Pool did not attend so his bio was read by Katie Marcus straight from the website.
Committee Reports
Please refer to the power point presentation found in the 2021 Annual Meeting tab on the website for the HOA Committee Slides. The HOA committees include:
Grounds/Trails (Trails portion is new addition to Grounds)
Pool (new for 2021)
Volunteers are always needed to help with such a large community. If you are interested in serving on a committee or helping with specific projects, please reach out to the Board via the website
Volunteer Of The Year Award
This year’s Volunteer of the Year recipient is Robin Proctor. Robin went above and beyond this year helping to maintain a sense or normalcy through Covid. She successfully found new ways to safely keep neighborhood events enjoyable. Thank you, Robin, for your care for and commitment to Neely Farm.
2020 Year in Review
Three new board members (Dylan, Lori, and Katie) were voted in January.
Covid restrictions/shutdowns per Governor/DHEC recommendations implemented in March but lifted (many) in May. Changes had to be made to Pool, Clubhouse, and Social event processes but were successfully done
ReWa project continued through 2020. Grounds committee anticipates the ReWa project to be wrapped up by end of February 2021.
Camera systems around Clubhouse and Tennis courts updated in early 2020.
Key fobs now work for both Pool and Tennis Courts
Tennis Courts finished in early 2020
Lending Libraries provided at the Clubhouse by George Aufmuth and Bob Armbruster
New furniture in Clubhouse and Pool
Plans for 2021
New heat pumps installed at the clubhouse (January 2021)
Clubhouse kitchen updates to include countertops and appliances
A new reserve study was completed January 2021. The Board will analyze this study and compare to 2015 study to forecast future costs
Appoint a board member to serve as a liaison to each committee
Plan for semi-annual Neely Farm Residents Vendor fair
Treasurer’s Report
The 2020 End of Year Financials and the projected 2021 budget in full can be found on the website under 2021 Annual Meeting. The slides in the power point presentation highlights include the Budget Process, Annual Dues, and Oversight. The focus of the 2021 is project specific to ensure money is spent only on what is needed, not necessarily what is wanted. This board feels a fiscally conservative budget is a top priority.
Questions from the “floor”:
1)      Is the clubhouse open?
Yes, the clubhouse opened back for rentals in October 2020.
2) Will interior lots be allowed to build 6 foot fences?
At the moment only houses will pools are allowed to have 6 foot fences due to legal and safety requirements. Any homes that have 6 foot fences most likely had them before the 4 foot standard was put in place so they are grandfathered in.
3)      Any plans to add a basketball court as an amenity?
There is not a plan to add a basketball court for 2021 as the budget has been set; however, this can be considered in the future
4)      Will the playground equipment be updated for 2021?
The budget for 2021 did not include playground equipment upgrades. We will be seeking volunteers in 2021 to form a Playground Committee set to launch in 2022
5)      What is the vetting process for candidates to the board?
All candidates were reviewed by the current board, William Douglas, and our lawyers. Per the Neely Farm by-laws and CCRs, all candidates were eligible to run for the upcoming board
The next board meeting will be held Thursday, February 18th at 6pm. The meeting was adjourned at 7:35pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
February Meeting Minutes
February 18, 2021
Board Members
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein-new board member; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas representative (call in)
Meeting called to order at 5:59pm. January meeting minutes approved. Welcome to new board member Cameron Hochrein and returning member Rebecca Persons. Board office positions discussed. Board voted to keep same positions from last year. Cameron designated as Member-at-Large.
Balance Sheet Cash $259,726.78 Reserves $196,834.50 Total $456,561.28
Statement of Operations (YTD 1/31/21) Income $259,487.82 Expenses $39,919.10
Property Mangers Report
7 January closings
Security reports
43 violations for mailboxes, houses needed pressuring washing, boats/trailers
8 homes unpaid 2021 dues
2020 Budget Correction
It was brought to our attention that the budget loaded for the 2020 budget year did not match the numbers set by the previous board in 2019. The 2020 board has used the numbers loaded by William Douglas since coming onboard in February 2020. The discrepancy in the numbers was not picked up by the former board. William Douglas accounting reviewed and a clerical error was noted. A corrected balance sheet and operating income statement was sent to be loaded onto the website showing planned budget numbers matched. There are no significant burdens noted with this clerical error.
Committee Budgets and Committee Meetings
Each committee will have a board liaison for oversight and communication.
Committees and liaisons divided:
Grounds/Trails (addition)-Rebecca
Pool (new)- Katie and Cameron
Playground- Lori to be formed in 2021
Budgets of each committee will be loaded onto the website (how often not determined) to increase visibility
Lori will send out names/contact information of residents who have offered to volunteer for committees.
Each board member to reach out to their committee for an initial meeting.
Dylan requests to be at each meeting at first meeting of each committee.
Volunteers will establish committee heads and discuss roles of the committee to the community.
Committee Reports
Discussion to add guidelines for garage door/shutter requests.
Discussion to update fence guidelines to allow white, vinyl fence choice
Vote 5-0 yes to ACC guideline additions
Dylan will touch base with David on exact wording to be added
Easter Egg Hunt date: Sunday March 28th.
Recommend social distancing, optional mask wearing for event
Meet and Great event date April 11th
Would like to include all residents who moved into the neighborhood from 2020 since regular events were cancelled due to covid
Off season pool repairs began week of 2/11/21
Repairs include:
Filters replaced
Pump seal
Ventilation fans in pump room
Back wash valve replacement
Broken Fill line- will be planned once pool covered removed (April)
Spring mulch and flowers to be placed in April
Question was asked whether we can get group of volunteers to lay mulch/plant flowers do reduce costs? Or is this something we allow and continue to pay Green Impact to continue?
Quarterly Grounds update: Meeting TBD (after initial committee meeting)
Governor’s Lake passed DHEC inspection. Dam is maintained by NF and Governor’s Lake to keep spillway clean. Rebecca to check what exactly is needed to maintain properly so we can split costs with GL appropriately
Approval to install water meter in common area at Farming Creek and Braywood.
Green Impact to plant and maintain flowers, shrubs, trees.
Need to supply water for at least 2 years to let plantings take.
ReWa to install new gates at soccer field as well as Ivy Creek to block easement pathway. ReWa will also plant two trees to block the area from any vehicle access
Other Business
Enforcement of basketball hoops in streets
While covenants state basketball hoops can not be in the streets, the neighbor hood does not own streets thus we really can not enforce.
Discussion to review covenants to search for antiquated rules that could be brought to neighborhood for amendment/removal.
Bring list of covenants to review for April meeting
Would require 65% of resident approval for covenant change
Clubhouse rental change proposal
Lori proposing new fee structure. New fee structure would have built-in cleaning fee.
New cleaning standard proposed consistent with DHEC guidelines
Question asked to charge clubs who currently able to use clubhouse without fee
Read over proposal to revisit in March
We were unable to discuss Spring Resident Vendor Fair, neighborhood garage sale date, blood drive, Senior Day recognition because we ran out of time. We will move these items to March.
March meeting set for Thursday March 11 at 6pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:59pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
March Meeting Minutes
March 18, 2021
Board Members
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein, Member at Large; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative
Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm. February meeting minutes approved.
Balance Sheet Cash $304,323.91 Reserves $202,018.10  Total $506,342.01
Statement of Operations (YTD 2/28/21) Income $320,990.76 Expenses $57,573.92
Property Managers Report
2 closings in February
39 violations reported
Swim Team meeting with Emily Thomas
Swim team needs pool ready by May 10th to begin practices. Swim team will practice Monday through Thursday 4:15-6:45pm. Swim team will leave 2 lanes open to residents. Swim team registrations will be on Sunday April 18th at the clubhouse. There will be no guppies this year. Swim team will have 4 home meets this season. The dates for those meets will be 6/3, 6/17, 6/24, and 7/1 (all Thursdays). Weatherstone swim team will be sharing our pool for their “home” meets this season. They will only swim for meets; all other practices/events occur at their pool. Need to confirm with Upstate Pool at April meeting any social distance/covid recommendations. Swim team will be purchasing new parking signage this season. Need to check wifi bandwith is enough to support the swim meets. Dylan is also getting a new door knob/lock for the pool room so that swim team can access via the pool and reduce the traffic through the clubhouse.
Lori introduced updated rules, cleaning fee, and reservation form last month. Discussion picked back up for March.
Single rentals $175 non refund rental fee, $50 cleaning fee, $250 security deposit
Clubs (annual) $50 non refund rental fee, $50 cleaning fee, $100 security deposit
Non profits (each event) $50 cleaning fee, $250 security deposit
$25 infraction for damage/area not addressed on clubhouse cleaning checklist
Cleaning service to be performed every other week at $75/visit as well as checked behind each rental at $20/visit.
New rental rules and reservation form to be uploaded to the website.
Added to the rental checklist is the pre-event checklist that renters must fill out and sign prior to their event occurring. Any issues with areas on the checklist prior the event can be addressed with Lori or Liz.
Cameron suggested taking pictures of each room and creating an album for renters in case any furniture is moved as well as to show how rooms should look prior to end of event.
Request a volunteer to take care of trash cans weekly around pool season.
Approval of new Clubhouse Fee/Rental Rules: 5-0
ACC Language Additions
The ACC is requesting additional language added to the ACC guidelines regarding the following language:
1)      Any additions/major improvements such as decks and roofs over decks, screened-in porches, fences, walls/retaining walls, children’s playhouses, outbuildings, pool, outdoor living areas, major landscaping, etc, must first be approved by the ACC
2)      Any changes to colors and styles on the front of the house such as garage doors, shutters, and/or front doors should get ACC approval before any changes are made (refer to Article V sections 1 and 2 of the Neely Farm Covenants)
Approval for additional language pass 5-0
Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots has used clubhouse grounds for past few years. They did not reach out for permission for their spring session. Board approves to continue to allow Soccer Shots to use the clubhouse grounds for Spring Session through May 8th. Need to move Soccer Shots to soccer field on April 17th as their practice interferes with pre-approved charity 5k.
Senior Graduation
Request for graduation festivities to occur again. Graduation tickets are limited again this year due to Covid restrictions. Request clubhouse grounds for ceremony, clubhouse parking lot for parade setup as well as firework show post-parade. Request to place senior banners on the tennis fence like last year. Board approvals. Reach back out to Jeana Coker.
Blood Mobile
Request for a blood mobile to come to the clubhouse. No specific date given. Date suggested by Katie of April 17th during the event for Heidi Payne. Could also use the Christ Community Church parking lot as a backup location. Reach back out to Jeana Coker regarding this date.
Setting Dates for Future Events
Community Yard Sale: Saturday May 1st
Pool Bathrooms: Monday March 23rd (look to purchase new soap dispensers)
Neely Farm Vendor Show: Saturday May 15th
                Each parking spot is a “booth”
                First come first serve registration for the event
                Close sign up on April 30th
Reserve Study meeting- date TBD
April Meeting Set for Thursday April 22nd at 6pm. Invite Upstate Pool  to the meeting to discuss new pool season. Anyone looking to speak to the board please contact William Douglas to be put on the agenda
Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
April Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2021
Dylan Lawlor, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Lori Crawford, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein, Member at Large; Not present: Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative
Balance Sheet Cash$301,747.52 Reserves $207,203.98 Total $508,951.450
Statement of Operations (YTD 3/31/21) Operating Income $344,824.92 Operating Expenses $84,171.62
Meeting called to order at 6:01pm. March meeting minutes were approved.
Upstate Pool Management
DJ Scott, Owner and Erin Boukather, Head Lifeguard (new for this pool season)
Discussed items with UPMC for 2021 pool season:
1)      Off season pool repairs complete with exception of broken fill line. That will be completed before pool opens. Invoice for payment will be sent to Shannon upon completion of fill line.
2)      New umbrellas and sun shades will be put up week of April 26th.
3)      Swim team needs the pool ready for afternoon swim practice beginning May 10th
4)      UPMC does not expect any additional DHEC restrictions due to COVID for this pool season. Equipment can be shared. All furniture is placed out on the pool deck.
5)      Do we have to shutdown for midday cleaning? That is at the discretion of the neighborhood. A midday cleaning will allow time for lifeguards to reset/clean the area uninterrupted. This will be taken to the pool committee meeting for discussion.
6)      Expectations from the Board/community for the lifeguards:
A)      Better incident reporting/collecting system.
B)      Cleaning bathroom floors daily with deckbrush rather than rinsing off with hose
C)      Watching the gate so that key fobs are used by residents.
D)      Guest book will be at the front table this season. Residents are expected to sign in and stay with guests. Lifeguards to ensure guests are checked in.
General Pool Season Discussions:
·         Need to get old picnic tables removed from pool area and moved to playground area.
·         Send reminder email that key fobs are only activated to pool area for residents with paid dues/fine or on active payment plan.
·         Pool committee first meeting on Friday April 23rd
·         Resume private swim lessons? Vote 5-0 to resume with 10% going to HOA
·         Early pool opening? Vote 5-0 to open pool on Tuesday May 11th to community SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. No lifeguards until they are contracted May 29th. We will pay weekly for chemicals. Key fobs will be set for 10am to 8pm. No unaccompanied minors in pool area (must be present with an adult over age 18)
·         Woodmont Swim Team: Woodmont has requested to use the pool for their 2021 season. They are requesting pre-opening morning swim week August 2-6 and afternoon pool swim August 9- October 1st. This is preliminary schedule. Dates may change. Get with UPMC to write up a contract for Woodmont. Approved 5-0 to allow Woodmont Swim to use pool
·         Adult Lap Swim: Swim group requesting use pool for early morning lap swim. Times would be Monday through Friday 5:15 to 7:45 am and 5:15-9am on weekends. Approved 5-0
Grounds Committee
Damage to the tow drain on the dam bank. Kids have been seen trying to pull off the mesh surrounding the drain and standing on top. This drain drops straight down and feeds off into the creek behind the dam. Extremely hazardous if anyone falls through. It was discussed how to augment the top of the drain for better coverage to prevent drain damage but still allow water flow. Rebecca will look into this. Need an email sent out to not stand/play on the drain.
Barbed wire on sewer pipe that runs in the trail has been cut off. Kevin will contact City Sewer to notify.
Trail cleaning successful on April 17th. A full truck bed load was removed. Volunteers also dug a trench along a part of the trail that water accumulated to reduce flooding on that part of the trail. Trail committee discussed cutting a new trail running along Ivy Creek that would be able to circle back to main trail. Eventually, the trails will be mapped out and displayed at each entrance. Still need signage for new trail entrance at Ivy Creek. Reach out to George and Bob who made the lending libraries for assistance.
Clubhouse Front Lawn
On March 21 the clubhouse front lawn was damaged by a vehicle. The Board responded asking if anyone knew details of the incident to privately come forward within 24 hours or the matter would be turned over to the police. The Board contacted our lawn service company the next day to get a quote and plan on repair. An individual responded and the Board has tried to work with this individual to make good on their promise on paying for the damages. As of this meeting this person has not proceeded in good will to follow through so the Board is filling a formal complaint with the police. With the warmer weather Green Impact is scheduled to finish repairs of the lawn.
Soccer Field Goals
A resident would like to donate regulation sized soccer goals to the community. The board looked where these goals could be placed: at the clubhouse area with the other recreation items or could the goals be placed/used at the soccer field. It was decided the clubhouse area is not sufficient in size to accommodate these goals without interfering with existing equipment.
Potential issues:
·         Vandalism.  Soccer goals are heavier and large and come with anchor system to secure to the ground
·         Lawn maintenance. Green Impact cuts the field every 2 weeks when “in season” We have a resident who has volunteered to also maintain the grass in that area for soccer usage
·         Parking and Gate. Right now the gate needs to remain closed. Parking would occur on the street. If this becomes an issue the gate could be opened daily and a parking area could be created.
·         Consider signage that the field closes at 9pm to reduce noise in the area for residents who back up to soccer field.
Other items discussed:
·         Clubhouse furniture chairs delivery has been pushed back again. Looking for a late May/early June delivery.
·         Lori is looking into the cost of adding regular window cleaning as part of regular cleaning process.
·         Some of the windows of the clubhouse are very deteriorated. The windows that face direct sun and not covered have completely rotted frames. It was discussed to take some of the money budgeted for kitchen upgrades be applied to replacing those specific windows. Lori will get quotes for those. Lori is also looking to get a quote for countertop replacement and adding a double oven
·         Playground committee will look to be created in June. Volunteers will brainstorm improvements to equipment. Discuss volunteers spreading mulch in playground area in fall also.
Next meeting scheduled for Thursday May 27th at 6pm. Contact William Douglas to be added to the agenda if discussion with the Board is needed. Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
May Meeting Minutes
May 27, 2021
May 27th meeting had to be cancelled due to failure to reach a quorum with board members. Official business could not be conducted without three board members present.
On the agenda for the meeting was a discussion with residents of various neighborhood clubs regarding the board’s passage on March 18th of changes to the clubhouse rental agreement. These changes included a fee to clubs of $50 rental and $50 cleaning annual plus a $250 security deposit fee. Non-profits were assessed a $50 cleaning fee per event and $250 security deposit fee. This meeting with the residents was set and agreed to by the entire board in early May. Rebecca and Katie met with these residents unofficially to discuss their concerns.
Concerns with the fee:
1.       According to the Amenity Use Policy, Neely Farm clubs listed can request clubhouse usage for no fee. Clubs must not comprise of more than 30% non members
2.       Clubs appreciated the attempt of the board to provide a standardized cleaned clubhouse for all events, but they contested that no previous issues with the clubhouse left in disarray were reported after clubs used. 
3.       Clubs feel that the fee for the clubhouse cleaning can come out of the total homeowner dues and budgeted by the HOA
4.       Clubs felt they are assets to the community, and if a fee is assessed to these clubs, it will deter residents wanting to join. They expressed the HOA should help to nourish community involvement.
5.       Clubs asked these fees be removed.
The clubhouse is a large amenity to handle. Checking against rentals was placed on the cleaning company hired by the board.
·         It was suggested to expand outside the cleaning company and request resident volunteers to help.
·         Establish a clubhouse committee to audit behind rentals and cleaning company
·         Make sure clubs are aware of the clubhouse rental checklist. If any issues specifically with a club/group regarding clean clubhouse, the HOA will contact that club within 24 hours to resolve
These items were discussed the next day with remaining board members Katie Marcus, Rebecca Persons, and Cameron Hochrein.
The motion to remove the clubhouse rental and cleaning fees for Neely Farm clubs and non-profits and restore to pre-March 18th, 2021 rules passed 3-0.
Clubs may request to be scheduled on the calendar without fee beginning May, 28, 2021.
Meeting was adjourned with the residents at 7:22 pm
Special Meeting for Board Vacancies
A special meeting was scheduled for Wednesday June 2 at 6pm with William Douglas regional director for guidance how to proceed with filling the board vacancies in accordance to the CCRS.
Board members in attendance were Katie Marcus and Cameron Hochrein. Rebecca Persons was not present. The meeting was able to continue since there was a majority of the current number of board members present.
 The board has the responsibility to appoint members to the open positions. There are two positions that must be appointed. The term of these positions will end at the next annual board meeting in January 2022. The appointed members must run and be voted by the community in the next general election if they wish to continue as a board member. William Douglas regional director suggested in the name of full transparency that the neighborhood can submit names to the board for the open position. It was voted and passed 2-0  to follow this suggestion. 
An email was sent to residents on Thursday June 3 requesting anyone interested in an open position submit their name via the website. Residents have until Monday June 7 at 5pm to submit names for consideration.  The board will meet on Monday June 7 at 7pm to appoint members to the open positions.
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
June Meeting Minutes
June 28, 2021
Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein, Member at Large; Perry Campbell, appointed; Kevin Bilodeau, appointed; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas representative. Not-present: Rebecca Persons, Vice President
Balance Sheet Cash: $253,118.44; Reserves: $217,576.50 Total $470,694.94
Statement of Operations Income YTD 5/31/21: $367,340.19; Expenses YTD: 5/31/21 $156,277.42
Meeting called to order at 6pm
Property Managers Report
May closings- 5
Security officer reports
Violations- 45*
*It was requested a monthly list provided to the board of open/active and closed violations. Shannon will begin providing these reports to the board next month.
New Board Members/Officer Elections
A special meeting was held June 7th to appoint members to the recent vacant board positions due to resignations (one moving out of neighborhood, one of their own volition). The board reached out to the neighborhood requesting volunteers interested in serving on the board. The length of service would be to the next annual meeting in January 2022. Through those responses the board appointed Perry Campbell and Kevin Bilodeau. The first order of business was to appoint the vacant President and Treasurer offices. The board voted to appoint Perry Campbell as President and Kevin Bilodeau as Treasurer.
May meeting minutes approved.
Needed adjustments made on the Operating Income Statement. Under Pool 5408 that needs to be moved to Pool 5404 as such this was the second half payment of the filter/fan replacement work conducted by Upstate Pool. Katie questioned the fee under pond maintenance. Pond company sent an additional invoice incorrectly to pay for the service contact on the fountain. Shannon contacted the company about the double invoice; this line item will be reflected next month showing only 1 invoice paid, not 2.
Committee Reports
Social committee sent a list of events to be conducted at the neighborhood for the remainder of the year. Social already contacted William Douglas for availability of the clubhouse for certain events. All events approved. Katie will update the website to post events for residents.
·         Algae growing along the outside of the courts that needs to be addressed. The cause is from wet weather but mostly people only sweeping the play area. The entire court needs to be swept to agitate the surface and prevent growth. Tennis committee will purchase brushes to combat algae. Men’s tennis has offered to clean off the algae growth.
·         Request to move the white picnic tables from the playground area over to the front of the courts to serve as additional seating. Tennis has also requested to use the old pool umbrellas and umbrella stands for shading at tables. Board agreed to move one of the tables and leave the other by the volleyball/lacrosse nets. May need to purchase an additional table for tennis courts.
·         Light not working (under warranty) has not been fixed yet because electrician did not show up. Brad will keep reaching out to electrician. Some sheets of the courts are pulling up (under warranty). The company has been contacted to fix.
·         Brown rectangle table under baby pool canopy broken at swim meet. Table as been flipped and moved to the pergola area by the fence. Kevin has agreed to take the table to the dump. Katie is in contact with Factory Furniture to replace table.
·         Temporary pavers in place for the broken pavers at the right side pool steps. Still searching for the correct sized pavers but the temporary pavers are sufficient for now.
·         Katie has reached out to Lori Crawford warranty information/contact on umbrellas as one has a small hole in the fabric.
·         High humidity level has been detected in the clubhouse. Must contact HVAC company to check humidifier to avoid mold buildup. Katie will be contacting the company.
·         Katie will email Lori Crawford to receive invoice on delayed clubhouse furniture. Last updated delivery date was end of June. Katie will contact again once she receives the invoice.
·         Charter called out to check internet speed. Modem was replaced. Brad hardwired ethernet cables into the swim team room to help with entering swim heat data real time.
·         Rebecca requested a vote on ground project #1 at the special meeting June 7th. This project is to install sod along the left side of the sidewalk along Wild Horse Creek (facing pond). The project is designed to help with erosion control and reduce sediment in the pond. The project was approved. Project begin week of June 7th but put on pause after finding dead trees in the area that need to be removed.
·         Brad dropped off the landscape lights that need to be replaced at the Farm Club entrance. Katie contacted Csaba Kiss to set a date to replace lights. The power cords from the outlet must also be replaced because animals have chewed the cords. The exposed wiring shorts out when it rains. Replacements cords have been purchased.
·         Rebecca reached out for quotes to remove 2 dead trees in the pond area, 1 dead tree along clubhouse parking lot, and the dead tree on common property at Worchester and Quail Ridge. Awaiting report back on the price of the quotes.
·         Katie asked if anyone in grounds would be able to trim the low hanging branches at the entrance of the overflow field from the gravel road. Kevin said he and possibly Patrick from Grounds could take the limbs down.
·         ReWa gate lock at Ivy Creek was repaired.
·         ACC requested communication to the neighborhood regarding boats/RVs/trailers parked in driveways longer than 48 hours as per the covenants. ACC requested the board changing the fining structure for boats/RVs/trailers to fit in closer with the covenants. Changing the fining structure requires notification to the residents via certified mail first before the new fining structure can go into place. The board did not come to a final decision on changing the fining structure for this violation; would like to include the ACC as well as get an exact amount on cost of notifying residents. Shannon will check the CCRS to make sure any changes to do not contradict covenants.
·         Guidelines verbiage to be updated; working with the ACC to get all guidelines updated
Clubhouse Front Lawn
Last reported in the April meeting minutes the board voted to seek action against the individual who stepped forward claiming responsibility for the incident. The individual failed to contact the property management company in adequate time to set up payment for lawn repairs. The vote at the April meeting was 5-0 to file an incident report with the police. Dylan said he would file that report, but he failed to do so. A portion of the planned May meeting on May 27th was to shore up final business with Dylan’s departure from the board. That meeting was not able to be held since only 2 board members were present and a quorum could not be established to hold an official meeting on that date.  It is understandable residents may be upset with the board actions regarding the handling of this matter. Please know the board acted in good faith throughout to seek resolution not retribution. We felt at the time, and still feel, that divulging names of residents in potential open legal matters in public meeting minutes is inappropriate. This action is not mean to deceive the residents of Neely Farm. We set a firm date for a person to come forward (they did); we set a firm date for the individual to contact William Douglas for payment (they did not); we voted to move forward with legal action. The board will be contacting Simpsonville Police to discuss any options still open to us.
Reserve Study
Perry and Kevin received copies of the reserve study conducted in December 2020. The reserve study was performed to give the board a status update of the neighborhood infrastructure and amenities. Residents can review the previous reserve study conducted in 2015 on the HOA website. A separate date specific to review the reserve study will be set at the next HOA meeting.
Other Business
Some residents have expressed they would like to have the meeting minutes emailed to residents. While we are not entirely opposed to that suggestion, we feel it is important for residents to utilize the website as much as possible for the information they need. The purpose of the website was to create a central hub for information. Monthly meeting minutes have been archived for residents back to February 2020. The board strongly encourages residents to visit the website first to seek information, then contact the board/specific committee via the Contact Us section of the website if additional information is needed.
The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday July 29th at 6pm. Please contact William Douglas if you would like to be on the agenda for the meeting. The meeting will be open to residents at 7pm.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:39pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
July Meeting Minutes
July 29, 2021
Perry Campbell, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Kevin Bilodeau, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein, Member at Large; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative
Balance Sheet Cash $231,736.96 Expenses $222,763.05 Total $454,500.01
Operating Income YTD (6/31/21) $373,318.95 Operating Expenses YTD (6/30/21) $189,434.47
Meeting called to order at 6:13pm
June meeting minutes approved
Property Managers Report
9 Closing in June
59 Violation letters sent- Board is still requesting a breakdown of the letters sent
Security patrolled 5 separate occasions during the month
Approval of budgets and updates through 6/30/21 5-0
Communication on emails
Cameron would like to see a spreadsheet of all the emails that comes from residents to the board/various committees. The purpose of the request is for visibility to all board members of emails and the timeframe of resolution. Cameron is tasked to set up a template for Shannon to track emails.
Clubhouse dehumidifier
Updates from the clubhouse thermostats indicated that the humidity in the clubhouse increased higher than desired. Humidity did reach 66% at one point. Katie contacted HVAC company. The dehumidifier in the clubhouse basement works, it is pulling water out of the air and draining outside. This dehumidifier was replaced in 2018 but has needed extra repair. It was identified to be replaced by HVAC in January when clubhouse units were replaced. Unit underneath clubhouse in crawl space should be looked at as the fan to the system is running. Katie to contact HVAC company for the quote that was given in January to replace the dehumidifier in the clubhouse closet. The humidity levels have reduced below 55% so we will continue to monitor.
Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots requested to use Neely Farm for another season. Mondays from 5:30-7:45pm and Saturdays 9-11:30am. They may add an afternoon session mid-October depending on enrollment. Soccer Shots to inform before adding session. Board approves 5-0
Dead Trees/6” diameter tree trunks
According to ACC guidelines obvious dead trees and trunks less than 6” diameter do not need approval from ACC for removal. The ACC requests, however, to be notified if multiple trees like these are removed to help mitigate any runoff issues that could result in a neighbor’s property being damaged.
ACC Guideline Requests
ACC requested updating their guidelines to include more specific language regarding exterior changes to home. Per the covenants residents should request approval for exterior changes.  Updates to the guidelines include exterior color choices, fences, additions longer than 20 feet. The board approved these additions to the guidelines 5-0. ACC guidelines will be updated and sent to ACC for review then sent out via mail to the residents.
Reserve Study
The focus for the next board meetings include the Reserve Study and preparing the 2022 budget. Board members will contact Grounds/Tennis/Pool committees as well as reach out to Empty Nesters/Book Club who expressed interest in heading the Clubhouse committee. These committees are tasked with their specific section to review the recommendation made by the engineering firm and retrieve quotes for improvements with a life span remaining of 0-5 years. Committees will present these to the board at the September meeting so that the board can allocate funds necessary to complete these projects especially any needing repair within 2022.
The next HOA meeting will be held Monday August 23rd at 6pm. Residents needing to address the board should contact Shannon Tapp at William Douglas to be added to the agenda. The meeting will open to residents at 7pm. July meeting adjourned at 8:59pm
Neely Farm Homeowners Association, Inc
August Meeting Minutes
August 23, 2021
Perry Campbell, President; Rebecca Persons, Vice President; Kevin Bilodeau, Treasurer; Katie Marcus, Secretary; Cameron Hochrein, Member at Large; Shannon Tapp, William Douglas Representative
Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm
July meeting minutes approved
Reserve Study
The Reserve Study that was presented to the board in January 2021 has been uploaded to the HOA website. It can be found under the tab ‘Reserve Study’ under the link ‘2021’. Residents can view the status of the neighborhood amenities and infrastructure as well estimated costs the engineering firm believes is needed to be budgeted for the areas reviewed. The reserve study conducted in 2015 is available under the same tab to review for comparison. The board is partnering with the neighborhood committees on working to get quotes for the immediate areas/amenities addressed with a depreciation of 2 years or less to be presented to the board at the October meeting to be budgeted for 2022.
Rewa Gates
The Rewa gate lock had to be broken due to an emergency. The lock was able to be repaired.  Kevin requesting to put a lockbox at both the soccer field and Ivy Creek gate with a key for the gate in case the gate needs to be opened again and a board member is not on site to open. Code will be able to be given to open the gate. Board approves 5-0 for lockboxes. Kevin will order and install
Girl Scouts at Clubhouse
Newly formed Girl Scout troop requesting use of clubhouse for 1 Sunday/month from September to June. All three leaders of the troop are NF residents. A list of dates was sent to Shannon and no schedule conflicts at the moment. The troop acknowledges that Sundays are a potentially high rental day for the Clubhouse, and they have offered to switch Sundays if a resident is wanting to rent out the clubhouse on a Sunday the troop has requested. Board approves 5-0
Committee Reports
Neighborhood campout scheduled for Saturday October 2 in soccer field. Rebecca will coordinate with Green Impact to have the field mowed and treated the Thursday prior.
No contract increase for 2022. Katie met with DJ to discuss the various pool amenity items on the reserve study including; patching the pool cover; replacing the dive blocks; upkeep on the pavers. There doesn’t appear structural issues to the dive blocks; however the covering on the blocks is worn and can be replaced. DJ discussed removing the excess chairs in the corner by the shower and offered to store at Upstate Pool’s warehouse. Discussed in the offseason pressure washing the paver deck and replacing the polymeric sand between the pavers (estimated cost $5,000)
Grounds has begun budget planning for 2022. Grounds will present itemized budget of projects (reserve and non-reserve) to board at October meeting
ACC is requesting to add language to the guidelines regarding mailboxes and any mailbox repair. ACC requests fining structure to be adjusted for violations of trailers/rvs/boats to a shorter timeframe. Once residents are notified by certified letter of all guidelines/fining structure changes there is a 30day window until the new changes take effect.
Cameron is requesting again Shannon send a copy of a violation letter so that the letters state the proper information to residents per instructed by the covenants.
Clubhouse and Playground
5 residents responded to the board’s invitation of forming a clubhouse and playground committee.
It is requested by the volunteers of the clubhouse committee:
A list and contact of all clubs/non-profits who use the clubhouse regularly
Utilization rate of the clubhouse by residents monthly
Areas identified in reserve study on clubhouse improvements less than 2 years include windows (not located under porch), water heater, interior paint and trim, exterior paint and trim. Note: HVAC units indicated in reserve study were replaced in January 2021.
One quote has been received to replace the large swing set. Katie has reached out to 2 other companies and awaiting their quote. The swing set will either be replaced with existing style or with 5-inch single post style commonly found in newer playgrounds. The replacement of the swing set will be used with funds current in site development. Other items identified include sand digger (replace or just add in new sand and leave as large sandbox) and completely repairing the treehouse.
September board meeting scheduled for Monday the 13th at 6pm. The meeting will be open to residents at 7pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm